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詳細內容 當前位置:首頁 > 科學研究 > 學術交流
發布時間:2020-12-18【告訴好友】 【關閉窗口】


  騰訊會議ID:744 808 558


  報告題目:Topological defects of N-component coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equation: application to ultra-cold atom system

  報告摘要:In this talk, we will discuss both the static and dynamics of topological defects, such as soliton and vortex, of N-component coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equation, with the application in Bose-Einstein condensate. By using the variational analysis and numerical simulation, we obtain a variety of sotion and vortex, such as ring dark soliton, vortex-antivortex, half-quantum vortex, twisted and double-quantum spin vortex. Finally, the effects of variously controllable parameters on the statical and dynamical properties of such topological defects are also investigated in detail.

  報告人簡介:張曉斐,中國科學院國家授時中心研究員、博士生導師,中國科學院大學天文與空間科學學院崗位教授,陜西省特聘教授、陜西省青年科技新星,中科院青年創新促進會會員、西安分會會長、數理分會秘書處。主要研究方向為超冷原子及其在精密測量物理中的應用研究。在國際知名學術期刊Physical Review Letters, Physical Review等發表70余篇?,F為中國物理學會旗下《物理學報》、《Chinese Physics B》、《Chinese Physics Letters》、《物理》青年編委,《Scientific Reports》編委,國際天文學會、日本物理學會、中國物理學會、中國天文學會成員。