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發布時間:2021-06-01【告訴好友】 【關閉窗口】


主題:?On Subsonic Flows Around A Profile With A Vortex Line




摘要:In this talk, I will present a result on the existence of 2-dimensional subsonic steady compressible flows around a finite thin profile with a vortex line at the trailing edge, which is a special case in the celebrated lifting line theory by Prandtl. ?Such a flow pattern is governed the two-dimensional steady compressible Euler equations. ?The vortex line attached to the trailing edge is a free interface corresponding to a contact discontinuity. Such a flow pattern is obtained as a consequence of structural stability of a uniform contact discontinuity. The problem is formulated and solved by an application of the implicit function theorem in a suitable weighted space. The main difficulties are the possible singularities at the?fitting of the profile and the vortex line and the subtle instability of the vortex line. Some ideas of the analysis will be presented. This talk is based on joint works with Jun Chen and Aibin Zang at Yichun University. The research is supported in part by Hong Kong Earmarked Research Grants CUHK 14305315, CUHK 14302819, CUHK 14300917, and CUHK 14302917.




辛周平教授曾獲得美國“Sloan獎”(1991年),以及 “美國總統獎”(1993年)。曾在2002年國際數學家大會上做45分鐘報告,在2004年的“國際華人數學家大會”上獲“晨興數學獎金獎”,這是華人數學界的最高榮譽。